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10 Reasons To Choose Bamboo Headgear

If you've never worn bamboo clothing you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Like so many things, you can't fully appreciate the experience reading it about, watching a video, or hearing about it from a friend; you need to own and wear some bamboo headwear for yourself. However, it's still a good thing to read a list of reasons why our customers love their Watuko Headgear.

1.) Look Sharp / Be Sharp

Due to the reasons listed below, wearing Watuko Headgear makes it clear that you're the smart one in the room. Your headband, beanie, or multi-functional tube not only looks sharp; it makes a statement. It says, "that person is a smart character who found the smartest fashion choice possible for the environment and for themselves".

2.) Eco-Friendly Credentials

Bamboo requires very little water to grow. It doesn't require pesticides in production and it's biodegradable at the consumer stage. Because of those primary factors, there is no other fabric produced on earth so well suited to protect it's ecosystem. Learn more about Watuko Headgear's credentials and manufacturing process here.

3.) All-Weather Comfort Breathable bamboo fabric is ideal in a wide range of temperatures. This is all due to the inherent properties of micro-gap fabric. When it's cold outside the bamboo fabric keeps your head and ears warm, and when the outside temperature is warm the bamboo fabric keeps your head cool. Furthermore, all Watuko headwear has superior moisture wicking properties. All of these things combined make our bamboo headwear the ultimate year-round wardrobe choice.

4.) Luxuriously Soft and Hypo-Allergenic

Have you ever worn high quality silk or cashmere? If you have, you'll have an idea of what Watuko Headgear feels like when you're wearing it. This is why our customers describe their wearing experience as luxurious. But it gets even better; our bamboo fabric is hypo-allergenic so it won't ever cause discomfort when you wear it. Even if you have extremely sensitive skin, you can rest assured you won't break out in a rash or get that annoying itch that some fabrics cause.

5.) Holds It's Shape

Even with a reasonable level of care our bamboo items hold their shape and don't shrink during wash cycles. Not only that, due to our use of colorfast textiles, your Watuko Headgear will keep it's vibrant color MUCH longer that any other headgear in the market.

6.) Staying Dry On-The-Go

Our bamboo fabric is 43% more absorbent than even the finest organic cotton fabric! The result being that moisture wicking is enhanced to an incredible level (like mentioned above, you need to wear some for yourself and experience it for yourself). The moisture is instantly removed from your skin making your wearing experience extremely comfortable. This is why so many athletes and exercise enthusiasts love their Watuko Headgear.

7.) Work Hard / Play Hard

Work hard and play hard in bamboo headgear. Bamboo fabric is very strong and amazingly resilient for such a soft feeling material. It will not pill or easily unravel, so you can enjoy the brand new look for as long as possible. Furthermore, each item is expertly hand made to give wearers the benefit of the best of bamboo’s superb natural properties.

8.) Easy Laundry Care

Many bamboo clothing items, such as our range of bamboo headbands, do not require washing as often as other headbands on the market made from other materials (such as cotton or polyester). At the same time, when they do need cleaning it's straightforward and low-maintenance.

9.) Smell Sweeter for Longer

Avoid unpleasant odors that can arise from wearing inferior materials. Our bamboo headgear, such as our bamboo multifunctional tubes reduce odor, thanks to the natural anti-bacterial properties of bamboo fiber.

10.) Ever Lasting Colors

Our bamboo fiber requires far less dye than your average cotton fabric, and it presents dye color much more vibrantly than typical fabric. Enjoy the vibrant colors in your Watuko Headgear for MUCH longer.

Addendum 1: Multi-functional Uses & Looks Below is a list of uses and looks to choose from when using our multifunctional bamboo headwear, and here is a video from our founder demonstrating 5 ways to wear them.

  • neckerchief

  • neckwarmer

  • headband

  • hat

  • cap

  • face mask

  • balaclava

  • hairband

  • foulard

  • sahariane

  • do rag

  • pirate

Addendum 2: Multi-functional Features & Advantages

  • multiuse

  • multifunctional

  • uni-sex

  • super-soft

  • bamboo

  • superior wind resistance

  • superior breathability

  • superior moisture-wicking

  • superior ventilation

  • colorfast textiles

  • highly durable

  • lightweight

  • eco-friendly

  • fast drying

  • naturally hypoallergenic

  • woven with micro-gaps

  • seamless

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