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The "Labyrinth" slouch beanie hat from Watuko Headgear.


This hand-made bamboo all seasons slouch is a class act to follow. This gorgeous maze-inspired pattern is stunning to say the least. And if your mood changes, simply reverse it for one solid color.


Classic elegance is the best way to describe it's appeal, and you need to feel this beanie on your head and when you handle it! Soft and comforting to the touch, and you can take pride knowing it's an eco-friendly product - sure to be a topic of conversation when you're out on the go with friends.


All Watuko Headgear SM/M beanies fit most women. The Large/XL beanies will fit most men. They're hand made from eco-friendly organic bamboo, hand sewn, individually cut, and  packaged with care by our dedicated team members.


Learn more about our manufacturing process and the history of Watuko Headgear and it's founder here. Enjoy!

Labyrinth / Slouch Beanie Hat / Item:SM/M-196

  • Your flight lands in San Diego and you're thrilled to start going on your planned adventures. You're travelling light as you hop into your Mustang convertable rent-a-car.


    Before you know it you're cruising down Columbia Street with your best friend. The wind is blowing your hair back maybe a little too much and you need something to keep you warm; and your hair in check.


    You wip out our Watuko Headgear beanie and the problem is solved with style. You pull up to a red light with the top down and passengers in the next car over can't help but notice your eye-catching slouch!

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