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Watuko was established in 2011 as a home based business and with passion, hard work and determination we have grown to be recognized as a National Brand. Our boutique-style manufacturing uses no mass production techniques. Each garment is hand made, individually cut, sewn, hand sewn, inspected and packaged from our family of skilled individuals who take pride in their craft. Much the same as it was in 2011...only bigger.​


Our company launched with one product, the multifunction tube. A re-make of a design made from a handful of companies using Polyester Microfibre.  We re-invented the tube using an amazing textile made from Bamboo. As years have passed we have grown our line to include headbands, hats, gators, windbreakers and kids gear. Today it's still a work in progress with new additions yearly.  Supporting artisans from around the globe, and from a selection of thousands of designs, we choose 12 prints to add  to our collection each year.   We are always looking to support local designers so please pass that along. 


In the beginning, as we researched which textiles to use to adhere to eco practices, it was astonishing to learn how harsh textile production is on our environment.  It became apparent that Watuko Headgear would build a sustainable brand and protect the planets resources. Over the years advancements have been made in processing Rayon from Bamboo fibre.  We use Bamboo from manufacturers who adhere to strict eco practices in textile manufacturing and all dying and printing processes. We sourced factories who have modified the manufacturing process to recycle waste materials and have strict controls on exhaust emission. All the data has met the government environmental protecting standards. Our Bamboo is also Oeko-Tex certified.  In addition,  Bamboo requires no fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation to grow. Bamboo is self regenerating, grows faster than all other grass in the world and produces 3 x more oxygen than trees of comparable size. 


 Aside from the importance of a sustainable, eco friendly textile, we make products with wearable benefits. Benefits for sport and fitness enthusiasts, fashion and for hairloss due to illness or disease. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, wicking and quick drying. Woven with micro gaps, Bamboo is breathable and the fibres are naturally smooth and feel like silk against your skin. Bamboo textiles also have UV protection and antibacterial properties.


Over the course of growing our company we are grateful to have benefitted from long-lasting partnerships with retailers from coast to coast who sell our products and are enthusiastic about our company and what we do. We provide this online store to reach individuals internationally or those who do not have a retailer in their vicinity, we encourage you to support our retailer and visit a store near you.


Thanks for your support

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