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Watuko Headgear Multifunction Tube

How to Wear Tutorial -

  • Scarf/Neckerchief - stylish and can be worn all year round.

  • Neck gaiter/Neck buff - pulled higher up the neck to cover from sun, wind, and/or cold.

  • Hood - covers the whole head from sun, wind and/or cold. Excellent for wearing under helmets.

  • Face mask - ideal for keeping out the sun, wind, dust, and/or cold.

  • Balaclava - for total coverage and protection from sun, wind, and/or cold.

  • Headband - to keep hair and perspiration from getting into eyes during exercise and activities. Sport a different color/design to match your outfit.

  • Scrunchie/Ponytail guard - keeps your hair back and away from your face during sports and other activities.

  • Hairband - pull on for function and style.

  • Head scarf/Snood - keep your hair in place, for a different look or for bad hair days!

  • Beanie - to keep head protected from sun, wind, and/or cold; Great for wearing under a baseball cap or bike helmet.

  • Bandana Cap - covers head and back of neck.

  • Wrist band - for sports and other activities.


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