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Unlike any other multifunction tube on the market, Watuko Headgear is uniquely made from the cellulose of Bamboo. This incredibly smooth fabric is filled with micro gaps allowing natural breathability and excellent moisture absorption and ventilation. Our gear is wind resistant, moisture-wicking, and possesses natural functions of anti-bacteria. One size fits most adults.


  • Scarf/Neckerchief - stylish and can be worn all year round.

  • Neck gaiter/Neck buff - pulled higher up the neck to cover from sun, wind, and/or cold.

  • Hood - covers the whole head from sun, wind and/or cold. Excellent for wearing under helmets.

  • Face mask - ideal for keeping out the sun, wind, dust, and/or cold.

  • Balaclava - for total coverage and protection from sun, wind, and/or cold.

  • Headband - to keep hair and perspiration from getting into eyes during exercise and activities. Sport a different color/design to match your outfit.

  • Scrunchie/Ponytail guard - keeps your hair back and away from your face during sports and other activities.

  • Hairband - pull on for function and style.

  • Head scarf/Snood - keep your hair in place, for a different look or for bad hair days!

  • Beanie - to keep head protected from sun, wind, and/or cold; Great for wearing under a baseball cap or bike helmet.

  • Bandana Cap - covers head and back of neck.

  • Wrist band - for sports and other activities.

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