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The "Luxe" all seasons slouch beanie hat from Watuko Headgear.


This beanie has been described by one of our happy customers as, "so luxurious!"


So the name stuck. Of course we agree, but frankly ALL of our lightweight bamboo beanies exude PURE luxury! You have to see one, hold one, and wear one in the light of day to fully appreciate they're extravagance.


Lightweight, eco-friendly and made with high quality textiles, this seamless and reversible slouch is a true one-of-a-kind. We encourage you to surf the Internet and find out for yourself that right now "in this very moment", on our website you are looking at the best.


Bold words...we know. But when the beanie fits, wear it!


All Watuko Headgear SM/M beanies fit most women. Our large/XL beanies will fit most men. They're hand made from eco-friendly organic bamboo, hand sewn, individually cut, and  packaged with care by our dedicated team members.


Learn more about our manufacturing process and the history of Watuko Headgear.

Slouch Beanie Hat / Item:SM/M-210

  • You're so excited! It's a big day on the river for your dragon boat team. You've been training hard for the biggest race of the year and your pumped. You feel ready and you're confident in your team members too.


    The team drummer yells, “All-up!”, and the starting gun goes off. Your team is in perfect sync and you soon realize you're in the lead.


    When you cross the line in victory, it feels like your heart is going to burst. You yell out, "Yes!", as you pump your fist in the air.


    The team member next to you is much more subdued, and seems strangely preoccupied with something else other than the big win.


    Then she casually asks you between big gulps of air;


    "Where on EARTH did you get that slouch!"


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