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5 Great Eco Friendly Products

(this page does not contain affiliate links)

Today we want to talk a little about eco-friendly products; which makes perfect sense considering Watuko Headgear is in the same category. There are more and more eco-friendly choices these days, and we're going to list off 5 GREAT ones!

1) Wooden Sunglasses

Never thought we'd see this! Yep...wooden sunglasses that don't just look great, they're a real conversion piece too. The strange thing is when I was doing my research for this post, I assumed there might be one or two companies that make such a thing - wrong. Here is a good write-up on twelve such companies who make them.

What a perfect gift for someone right? Send them a set of wooden sunglasses and a Watuko Headband for their birthday. You'd be knocking that one out the park for sure; at the same time doing your part to help the environment.

2) Clothing

You know we had to go there ;-) Clothing is another consumable that has a MASSIVE impact on the environment, and there's lots of choices now if you're willing to do just a small bit of online research.

All Watuko Headgear products are environmentally friendly and our manufacturing process is also eco-friendly. A 2-FER if you please. Here is a quote from our founder:

In the beginning, as we investigated which textiles to use, it was astonishing to learn how harsh textile production is on our environment. It became apparent that Watuko Headgear would build a sustainable brand  and protect the planet's resources. We use Bamboo from manufacturers who adhere to strict eco-practices in textile manufacturing and all dying and printing processes. In addition Bamboo requires no fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation to grow. Bamboo is self regenerating, grows faster than all other grass in the world and produces more oxygen than trees of comparable size. 

3) LED Light Bulbs

LED (light emitting diodes) bulbs are a FANTASTIC way to do your part for our ailing earth. The first generation of LED bulbs were lame to say the least; and therefore it's taken many years for them to get traction in most households. But that's all changed.

Now the high-energy monsters are getting a run for their money as consumers are becoming more and more aware of eco-friendly choices (I'm looking at you incandescent, flourescent, and halogen bulbs).

A good example for a company that provides high quality LED bulbs is EarthLED.They make a wide range of LED bulbs to replace your high-energy incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs.

4) Cutlery for the Compost Heap

Plastic cutlery is another huge offender when it comes to littering the earth, and here is a good way to curb your usage. Cutlery that's biodegradable. What a great idea. How many times have you been cleaning up after some kind of big event and feeling sick about chucking out all that plastic. Millions of bags of plastic cutlery get thrown in the landfill every year, and it's just getting worse.

There are now companies who make biodegradable cutlery you can proudly use next time you're putting on a backdoor BBQ, wedding reception, or graduation party. For example there is a company called LeafWare that's coming up with more great products every quarter it seems.

5) Toilet Tissue

This is a "biggy" due to the fact that SO MUCH tissues is used every day on our big-blue-marble-that-we-call-earth. There are companies now that manufacture 100% recycled toilet paper, and hopefully this will be the standard in the near future.

Some companies have started. For example there is a company out of Australia called "Who Gives a Crap" (of course right? the Aussies have arguably the best sense of humor collectively than any other developed company) who are making environmentally friendly tissue with flare. .

They have two great mottos:

1) Stop wiping with trees! Buy 100% recycled toilet paper...

2) Nice bum! It deserves some seriously soft toilet paper...

So hey...thanks for stopping by. Have good day and make your choices count for the environment.

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